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Not All Roofs Are The Same

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Not All Roofs Are The Same

Not All Roofs Are The Same

Are you aware that the community you live in may very well have a say on the type and color of the roof you need? They can make you replace a new roof if it is in violation of the restrictive covenants. That means you just paid double for your roof.

Always check with your homeowner’s association or the community covenants to make sure you are not about to choose the wrong roof. Your roofer is not responsible for your decision, yet a "good" and "conscientious" roofer will always caution you first. The wrong roofer will not.

What type of maintenance will your new roof need and what damage do you need to watch out for?

Never ever pressure wash or power wash your shingle roof. Whether it is an asphalt shingle roof, a wood type shingle roof, or a slate shingle roof; pressure washing and the foot traffic will rapidly degrade and damage the roof. This will cut the life expectancy down to a fraction of the time. The shingles are not made for that type of abuse. Most associations are aware of this and don't require you to maintain your roof in this manner. If they question this fact, then the manufacturer will gladly provide the right information for their understanding that manufacturer warranties will be voided. One tip is to carefully consider the color you want knowing that darker and earth tone colors minimize the evidence of dirt or mold buildups.

Concrete tile roofs are generally expected to be cleaned by way of pressure washing. Ceramic or clay tile roofs are not. Concrete tile roofs promote the collection of dirt and mold just by their composition. Great care should be taken when cleaning because foot traffic is going to break the tiles. This will expose the water-proofing underlayments to the elements and cause a rapid deterioration to your water barrier so the roof leaks begin. It is not always the fault of the pressure washing company so a brief discussion prior to starting should establish how the broken tiles will be properly repaired. A pre-inspection as well as a final inspection can benefit you greatly and we can help you out with this process.

Always remember that with every roofing type or system, there is a process necessary to putting them together. From the initial secondary water barrier (required by most insurance companies), to the flashing details, to the attachment methods, to the final roof topping that is the product you see as a finished roof. Each of these products and procedures vary greatly just as it is with the skill level of the installers.

The products used have all gone through an approval process for their intended use so it is incumbent upon the roofer to provide you with the right combination of products and processes that will give you the roof you believe you are buying. You are spending a lot of money for their service so let us help you make sure that you get what you need, what you are paying for, and what you expect.

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Roofing and Roofers Roofing and Roofers Roofing and Roofers Roofing and Roofers
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