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Not All Roofers Are The Same
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Not All Roof Installations Are The Same

Not All Roof Installations Are The Same

Do you know how many fasteners are required for the different roofing installations? Or, what adhesives are approved and how much adhesive is required? How about where the adhesives are to be placed? The codes and regulations are specific in general information but vary with different municipalities. The Florida Building Code provides the specifics but can appear as a maze to work your way through:  Florida Building Codes

All roofing types are to begin with underlayments. What is required now in Florida is a secondary water barrier and the best way to achieve this is with a “peel-n-stick” product. Your insurance company will want to know your choice here. There are a myriad of choices for these as well as pricing. Ask your prospective roofer for some choices as well as his thoughts on the different products and methods so you may determine his proficiency with his trade. Be cautious of allowing him to sway you away from the newer products by sticking with the old methods. The codes have changed because the old methods were not adequate. The best underlayments are the expensive. That is why in a storm these do perform very well when applied correctly. It is your roof.

Asphalt Shingles are the easiest to install and require 6 fasteners with a minimum length of 1 1/4 inches. They must have a corrosion-resistant coating. This is a minimum and if you are close to salt water, you might want or require a better fastener made of stainless steel. Roof-plastic adhesive is also required at all cutting details as well as around all the perimeters and transitions.

Slate, Wood Shingles and Shakes are applied very similar with differences in fastener lengths and the only two types of fasteners to be used should be copper or stainless steel. Slate roofing should be with 1 1/2" - 2" copper roofing nails. Wood Shingles should be with 6-penny stainless steel fasteners and Shakes should be with 8-penny stainless steel nails. All flashing material should be comprised of copper, stainless steel, lead or any combination of these. Attention should be paid to all the flashing details as smearing plastic roof cement is far from adequate. Your roofer should explain in detail how he will handle these specifics. The life of your roof depends on it!

Metal roofs are all different with regard to installations as well as profiles, compositions and coatings. This is where we can really be of service in determining the right metal roof and color for you. 5V Crimp roofing panels, (the old Florida look), should be laid as seamless panels and not sectional lengths. The adhesives used at the details must be approved for use on metal products or a failure is eminent. Ask for the adhesives to be used and they should state the usages on the labels. This is where we can be of assistance because the products are few and your roof depends on it. The fasteners are to be set on the top of the ribs except for the perimeters where they are doubled up. The spacing varies depending on your location so please call and ask us for recommendations. The fastener to be used should only be a "Wood ZAC" screw. There is no increased cost and the supplier will provide them. They work the best for keeping water out over the long haul.

Standing Seam roof panels are of the finest metal roofing systems available but tend to look a little more commercial and can be very price prohibitive. The manufacturers are very specific about approved applications and can offer extended warranties for additional fees. Expensive yes, but they observe the installations and accept any system-failure issues with no additional costs to you. Special tools and machinery are utilized in the forming of these roofs which helps to assure their longevity. These roofs come with warranted color coatings that weather very well. They all have their own special designed clips for attachment and suggest the use of stainless steel screws for the best installation. Sealants and adhesives like all metal roofs are to be specifically approved. If you want to spend this kind of money, then why not let us assist you throughout the project.

Tile roofs are probably the most prolific roof types in this area and have the greatest choices for approved installation methods. This is where it is very easy to get swindled out of a lot of money and wind up with an inadequate roofing system. Allowing us to help you with choosing the best installation system and insuring that all the regulations are followed will help provide you with the proper oversight necessary for these roofs. Let us help you get it right the first time.

The underlayment choice material is the single most important component to the system and to the life of the roof. The attachment methods are varied and require attention so all the old shortcuts are eliminated. The flashing details are specific to the different installation methods and are spelled out in the "CONCRETE AND CLAY ROOF TILE INSTALLATION MANUAL". This manual is considered the Bible for installation guides that are approved and establish the codes that must be followed to assure a sound roof of weathering a storm. We can make the task of selecting the right roof and installation method for your home with a simple phone call.

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