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Roofing and Roofers
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Not All Roofers Are The Same
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Roofing and Roofers :  What You Need To Know

Roofing and Roofers : What You Need To Know

Are you considering repairing your roof or having a new roof installed?

If so, you should be aware that while honest roofers will generally give you a good roof at a fair price; there are all kinds of ways for bad roofers to overcharge or even rip you off. They can take your money and run. They can do shoddy work or use inadequate materials. Some of them may tear your old roof off and then mention all kinds of additional fees that were not part of the original estimate and you wind up being stuck in a very costly position. Others, through poor workmanship, can actually cause your new roof to leak or even wear out in a short time. And to make matters worse, they could go out of business (perhaps even opening under a new name) and leave you without a warranty. Not knowing the ways bad roofers can rip you off can result in a very real financial disaster costing you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. In fact, some roofers may direct you down a path that seems pretty innocent at the time but could result in legal action against you by the state or your insurance company for breaking the law.

Don't let this happen to you!!!

Read the information on this site or give us a call, we will gladly walk you through the processes and provide you with the knowledge of what you need to know that will protect your property and your wallet. The information that we provide on this site can make the difference between getting a good deal on a new roof or getting ripped off.

What You Need to Know

Are You Breaking The Law? It may surprise you to know that some roofers will encourage you to take actions that may actually be a violation of the law. And if you do as they suggest, you could end up facing criminal charges and/or in the position of not being able to recover and recoup for the damages done to your property.

Double Check Your InsuranceDo you have Hurricane coverage and have you left yourself enough time to acquire it before an impending storm? Do you know of the different roofing systems that can lower your insurance rates or the ones that will cost you more in the long run?

Not All Roofs Are the Same: Are you aware of the different roofing types and their impact on your property values? What sort of maintenance programs should you use and which ones should you stay away from?

Not All Roofers Are the SameRoofers vary greatly in honesty, ability and the odds of whether they will be around to provide warranty service on your roof is a definite concern. We will give you the information you will need to use for various background checks or as a service, we can provide you a complete history of the individual as well as the company.

Not All Roof Installations Are the SameWill you become confused when different Roofing Contractors and Roofers start talking to you about the installation method they use compared to the other methods? It is important for you to understand what type of roof and method of installation will benefit you the most. Roofs are very expensive so let's talk about this.

Roofing Sales PeopleRoofing sales people are not all the same. A roofing salesperson at one company may be offering you a great deal and a different salesperson who may seem like a wonderful person at the time may be trying to scam you out of your money completely. Remember, the reason they come to your door is because you asked for them and they are in the business of selling roofs first. They are not there to make friends.

Roof Life ExpectationsHow long one roof system lasts can vary greatly when compared to another and you should be aware of the roof type that benefits you the most. Did you know that the environment as well as your landscaping can play a big role in the life of your roof?

Roof Leak MythsDid you know that because you have a water stain on your wall, around a window or on your ceiling does not always mean you have a roof leak? Don't get sold a bill of goods because you didn't realize the real problem or how to determine it.

Roof Estimates Vs. ProposalsDon't get trapped by a simple guesstimation and have to spend far more in costs because the roofer didn't realize the extent of the problem, is an unethical contractor, or is a crook at heart. This topic is vast and we can help you avoid the tricks that get you to sign the wrong contract.

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Roofing and Roofers
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Roofing and Roofers Roofing and Roofers Roofing and Roofers Roofing and Roofers
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