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Roof Life Expectations Are Important

Roof Life Expectations Are Important

Do you understand what is required to get a long roof life? Do you know what is required of you so that you can benefit from your roof-life expectations? All the measures we are going to discuss are very important for you to enjoy a long roof life.

First of all, know what the life expectancy is that the manufacturer has claimed to be the life of their roofing products. It is the claim worded as the "Limited Warranty" printed on all of their literature and product wrappings. This warranty is based on their product being installed as per their directed methods. These are the approved installation methods spelled out in the manuals and codes your roofer is supposed to know and follow as we have discussed. The warranties are also dependant on the roof not having sustained any damage requiring sizable repairs. Is the roof ventilated properly per the manufacturers specifications, and what named storms has your roof had to endure that will minimize the manufacturers exposure? Be aware that most roofing products manufacturers' warranties do not transfer to the next buyer of the home.

These are all reasons why you should always insist on a roof inspection prior to your purchasing an existing home. These inspections can give you the needed information to determine and estimate with expectations what the remaining life of the existing roof is to be. We offer this service in an effort to minimize any surprise expenditures that may arise shortly after your purchase of the property.

One of the biggest limitations to a long roof life is whether your roof sheds the water quickly and adequately enough. Are there leaves and debris buildups in your roof valleys or along the eves edge? This debris tends to slow the water from shedding and even causes it to back up and run under your roofing creating damaging roof leaks.

Roofs are not fond of foot traffic. When it is necessary, it is important to know where to walk and to walk carefully to limit damage. Breaking roof tiles or slates, scuffing shingles, or loosening wood shingles and shakes are traits of foot traffic. They all lead to costly repairs.

Roofs hate foliage growing up along the edges or shading them so much that they are very slow to dry and start mossy surfaces. Never allow tree branches to brush across your roof surfaces. The branches are abrasive to the roof and will ruin all of the various surface coatings. Metal roofs lose their coatings and begin to rust; asphalt shingles lose their granular toppings. Wood shingles, clay tiles and concrete tiles break exposing the all too important underlayments and causing expensive repairs. These are things that will degrade all the various roof types and the underlayments that keep your house dry. They will also void the manufacturers' warranties as well as your roofer's workmanship warranties. A good roofer would have brought to your attention prior to signing a contract all of these conditions if they exist with your roof. A bad roofer will look forward to the continued repair payments by you.

The expected life of Asphalt Shingles, if properly installed, is between 20 years to 40 years depending on the weight of the shingles and the pitch of your roof. Manufacturers suggest longer but UV light plays a big role here and the manufacturers will prorate the warranty.

Tile roofs should give you from 25 years to 35 years life expectancy depending on the attention your roofer paid to detail flashings and the different transitions that make up the contours of your roof. It is the condition of the underlayments you and your roofer choose to use for these systems that is the deciding factor for your roof’s life.

Metal roofs have a life span from 25 years to 50 years depending on the type. 5V Crimp and granular coated panels will give you a good 25 years if done properly. They depend solely on high quality sealants and flashing details. Standing Seam profile metal roofs will reach out to 50 years if they were installed per the manufacturers' recommendations. Some of the coatings exceed 20 years without fading and when done properly will require zero maintenance with normal weathering occurrences.

Slate roofs will perform well beyond 35 years in life when installed with the right fasteners, flashings, flashing materials, underlayments and quality sealants. These are premier roofs that suffer greatly by foot traffic and high wind damage.

Flat roofs are the least desirable but with proper maintenance they run from 12 years to 35 years life expectancy depending on the material and process you and your roofer choose. The more years you desire, the more expensive the process and materials are that must be used. They require constant cleaning of debris buildup and close inspections for punctures or gouging. They repair easily but only when cleaned and dried.

We can equip you with the truth for the roof-life expectations of the roofing system you want and/or choose so you won't be fooled into buying something less desirable.

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