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Roofing and Roofers
Roofing and Roofers
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5V Roofing

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Roofing and Roofers
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5V Roofing

5V Roofing

5V Crimp metal roofs are the most popular of all the metal roofing types. They are easy to install and require virtually no maintenance aside from keeping them clean of debris. They are highly reflective and lightweight with a clean sleek low profile appearance that weathers the Florida environment very well.

They come with a wide variety of color choices though the most popular choice has never been considered a color at all. It is the natural mill finish galvalume material that appears as a silver metal finish. All of the finishes weather well but unless the panel is coated with a warranted surface color coating, you should expect every panel to fade dramatically by the eighth year of their exposure to the sun. The panels integrity has not become weakened, only the color has faded and dulled due to the intense UV light.

5V Crimp roofing installations require that a single screw with a rubber washer be fastened through the top of the low profile ribs at uniform intervals that create straight diagonal lines of screw heads from bottom to top as viewed from the ground. The only time the screws are to be placed in the flat pan portion is along the eve, ridgeline and valley trough intersections. The recommended screw for use is called a Wood ZAC screw with a hexagon head. This screw provides for a metal apron  covering over the rubber washer to protect it from UV degradation. The rubber washer is what seals the screw to the screw hole. These screws are not provided by the panel manufacturers but are supplied by the roofing distributors in the same colors as the panels.

Most of the roofing supply companies provide the bulk of the 5V panels used in your area. The roofer will measure your roof for the proper length of panels and quantities. The orders are placed with the supplier who will either deliver the panels themselves or ship them direct from the manufacturer. The most popular manufacturers used in Florida are:  SEMCO Southeastern Metals, Gulf Coast Supply & Manufacturing and Union Corrugating Company.

This type of metal roofing panel is not acceptable in some communities due to their machined appearance. Always check with your communities restrictive covenants or HOA (Home Owners Association) for an approval acceptance before you start with the installation.

Roofing Fl
Roofing and Roofers
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Roofing and Roofers

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