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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not found or answered here, then please do not hesitate to pick up a phone and give us a call, or just drop us an email and we will get you the right answer.

I have a stain on my ceiling. Do I need a new roof now?

That will depend on the age of your roof and its condition. If your roof is less than 20 years old, the chances are that a roof repair is all that will be necessary. Beyond that age, the average roof will probably need to be replaced depending on the type of roof it is. The rule of thumb is:  If your roof is at or beyond three-fourths of its expected life, its replacement is eminent.  

My insulation got wet. Do I need to replace it?

No. Once the leaking has been stopped, the insulation will dry quickly because it does not absorb or hold water.

Since I had a leaking roof and my insulation became wet, do I need to be concerned about mold?

As long as the roof leak was repaired or stopped in a short period of time, then there should be no concern of mold growing in your attic. Mold does not get started after one or two leaks. It relies on a damp surface to start and a continued wet or damp environment to grow. Once the water leaking has been stopped, there is no more continued food source to feed the mold.  

I have asphalt shingles now and I want to replace them with a concrete tile roof. Will my roof support the change?

Probably not without additional bracing. This is not always true but because asphalt shingles do not require the same roof load engineering design you should assume that it will not. The first action would be to contact a licensed engineering firm to do an onsite assessment and issue a certification that it will. The certification will protect your liability. We can assist you with this task and bring in the engineer.

Is it important to keep my roof clean from mold discolorations?

No. The mold buildups that you experience are just a product of our environment. The cleaning of roofs by the process of pressure washing is for aesthetics only. Most gated communities require that you maintain a clean appearance to your roof. The pressure wash is for concrete tile roofs only. If you pressure wash any of the shingle or slate roofs, you will irreversibly damage the material. Clay roofs are extremely brittle and massive tile breakage can take place from the foot traffic required to do the pressure washing. A discussion with your Homeowners Association's directors will earn you a variance for the roofs that pressure washing is not advised.

Why do my roof tiles appear to be sliding down out of position?

This is because they have become dislodged from their attachment or they are broken. This is a result of foot traffic or bad attachment methods. The foot traffic from pressure washing your roof will break your tiles. They are not a sidewalk. Your pressure washer needs to tell you when the tiles break so you can get them repaired. If they are detached from their attachment methods which would be either the foam or mud-down attachments, they must be reattached. A large number of the mud-down systems lose their attachment capabilities with weathering time and/or foot traffic. Repairs to these tile roofs are easy but can be quite extensive.

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